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I greatly enjoy creating a product and problem-solving for clients. Building an outstanding website is a passion.

I typically use Joomla and Wordpress as primary content management systems. My forte is not necessarily creating and coding from scratch, and I don't even pretend to be a coder. I have learned over the years to maximize on my strengths and outsource my weaknesses- to an extent. With template-driven sites, I'm able to go in and modify them to standards discussed with clients.

WIth basic knowledge of CSS, HTML, PHP and MySQL, I'm able to create products that inform, educate, sell and "wow" the end user- in creative ways.

With tools such as Joomla and Wordpress, I heavily modify template-driven sites using CSS, HTML, and some PHP. Not being a coder, I stress on maximizing my strengths to give clients the best product possible.

Please scroll down to get a snapshot of a few sites I've created. Give me a shout if you have any questions.


Tim Miller - Website

Earthtones Landscape

I'm very excited about this site. It is incredibly comprehensive and uses many modules and web-design techniques to give users a great experience.

All images are adjusted and optimised, all graphics created specifically.

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Mercury Crossfit

This client needed something unique for the industry.

Using this style gives them a great opportunity to highlight testimonials, coaches and even a blog. This site will also display on any device appropriately.

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Parker County Master Gardeners Association

This group needed a way to stay in touch and organize their many projects, but also displaying what they provide to the community.

With the training of one of their members, they are now in complete control of all their content.

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Trinity Valley Quilters' Guild

We had to re-create their existing logo to fit into the design of site. With an open and responsive design, the client uses this site to communicate their story to their members as well as the public. The interactive frontpage modules allow easy navigation. Grahpics created to support design and style.

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Your Chamber Connection

Client needed a site to reflect their "Bling" style of Event Membership.

With the latest Joomla software along with third-party integration, they are able to create their own news articles and photo galleries.

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There were many parameters with this site that needed to happen.

Rotating image linking to articles, simple site structure, ease of content creation, movement, and visually pleasing. Using existing color swatch I was able to create video background with eye-catching graphics. Currently the client has bypassed the video option as well as other visual functions, but layout remains similar to creation.

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Glen James

This is a simple non-responsive site highlighting a clients resume and history.

Using a simple design we were able to put His logo and style into good use. This site also has modules displaying blog-style entries for a couple different categories.

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DFW Consulting Group, Inc.

This design was modified quite a bit before coming to where it is now. Graphics not so intense as other sites as was the approach, but keeping the design light was a bit of a task.

Modules appropriate to client specs allowing such items as tags for projects in bio pages, as well as related projects.

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Texas Eagle Forum

Background created from scratch using Americana theme. All graphics within site spec'd out per template's parameters.

Originally created as a news site, many specific modules created to display various types of content. RSS feeds, PDF downloads, latest items in specific categories, alerts, links, and blogs- non exhaustive list. (note: site is no longer active).

Hughes Watch DOGS

Taking a simple idea with only a logo to go on, I was able to put together this site for Watch D.O.G.S. (Dads Of Great Students) for a local elementary school.

Facilitator uses this site to procure resources to meet the needs of his mission.

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